Tasting Room

Our tasting room has 4-7 (or more) craft beers on rotation ready for you to savor and we routinely have food trucks outside. The restaurant next door will even deliver your order right to your table in our tasting room. 3 Freaks Brewery's tasting room is just that, a tasting room. We prefer to do what we do best, brew beer, and leave the food to others. We offer indoor/outdoor seating, HDTV's, WiFi and a welcoming,  down to earth  atmosphere.  We love to hear how your day is going and we'll talk your ear off about beer, if you'll let us!

Proudly hand crafted in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Established June 14, 2014

3 Freaks Brewery reminds you to always freak responsibly

Small Batch

‚Äč3 Freaks Brewery, by design, is all about small batch brewing.  We're talking small, 2.5 barrel quantities at a time (1 barrel of beer = 31 gallons).  We love the idea that we can be freakishly creative while ever striving to make the next "perfect beer".  We've learned over the years that creativity, and the inevitable successes and failures that come with experimentation, are the seeds for great and sometimes wonderfully unanticipated  flavors.  Try one, try them all but always freak responsibly.

Come and get your freak on!

Located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, where E. County Line Road meets Quebec.

3 Freaks Brewery is a nano-brewery serving up freakishly delicious beers. We offer small batch hand-crafted beer that will make you want to stay forever. We invite you and your taste buds to join us in our tasting room to get your freak on!

We'll be rotating our beer lineup and food trucks during the week,
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